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Hello. My name is Steve Moore and I'm an Artist living and working in Southern California. I am honored that you are taking the time to read my bio and I assume that you have some interest in art like me. We live in a very exciting and creative time. Technology has affored us whole new ways to express ouselves and explore ideas. I have been working in the Games industry for the last eight years and have seen a quantum leap in the quality and possibilites for Games. It has been an excitnig and fun ride thus far and I am really encourged by recent developments in game play that break new creative ground. My roots are in animation and when I do have spare time I like to whatch movies. In particullar Anything that Pixar does. I'm also an avid Comic book reader. I grew up on Tintin and Asterix and latter discovered Will Eisner. I see myselft as a story teller. I tell stories in pictures. Even if I'm building a model for a video game I imagine that the character I'm building has a story. That story shapes their personality and ultimately their appearance. It's also a lot of fun to make up stories about stuff. Currently I'm working on a Comic Book which I hope to finish by the end of 2009.